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Planning a marriage proposal can be nerve wrecking. You’ve found the perfect ring, decided you’re ready to pop the question, maybe even asked the parents for permission. What to do next? Here are 7 tips for planning the best proposal possible:

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Marriage Proposal Tip 1: Timing is EVERYTHING!

You might be planning an elaborate surprise engagement – but make sure you build in some wiggle room. Your significant other doesn’t know what you’re planning and life happens. They might have to work; they might get sick. Make sure you build some flexibility and even a backup plan into your marriage proposal plans.

Photo credit: L Elizabeth Events
Proposal Location: Beaver Creek Resort, Colorado

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Marriage Proposal Tip 2: Curb Your Crazy

You don’t want to be super secretive and give off the wrong vibe. Keep the secret calls and covert operations to a minimum. One person told me that her boyfriend had been acting so strangely while planning the proposal that she thought he was going to break up with her! So, take it easy, take a breath, and DON’T FREAK THEM OUT.

Photo credit: L Elizabeth Events
Proposal Location: Breckenridge, Colorado

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Marriage Proposal Tip 3: Put the Phone Down

Get a professional photographer or videographer. Seriously! You both are going to want to remember this forever in all it’s glory. Plus you’ll want to share it with all your family and friends so they can experience the moment with you.

Photo credit: L Elizabeth Events
Proposal Location: Vail, Colorado

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Marriage Proposal Tip 4: Be Careful, Head’s Up!

Be extra careful when you’re proposing in nature. You don’t want to lose the ring in a swiftly moving body of water, a snow drift or accidentally drop it off a cliff. Or in this couples story, drop it into Lake Dillon – he didn’t I promise!

Photo credit: L Elizabeth Events
Proposal Location: Dillon Lake, Colorado

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Marriage Proposal Tip 5: Three Can Be a Crowd

Don’t propose in front of large groups. It’s way too much pressure for many people. You can always have the option of a big, engagement-announcement party, with all of your people, afterwards. Speaking of parties…

Photo credit: Adonye Jaja
Proposal Location: Evergreen, Colorado

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Marriage Proposal Tip 6: Light! Camera! Action! Propose!

Make sure to pop the question when your significant other is looking and feeling good. You know if your significant other is somebody who wouldn’t be caught dead in front of a camera without makeup/new haircut/eyebrows on fleek. So, plan something that lets them feel their best.

Photo credit: L Elizabeth Events
Proposal Location: Denver, Colorado

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Marriage Proposal Tip 7: Eat, Drink & Get Engaged!

Watch where you put that ring! Seriously. I know you’ve seen it in the movies but DON’T put the ring in the cake for them to find. They might eat it. Similarly, don’t put it into their drink because they might just swallow it. (And you won’t like what happens after that.) In short: Protect the ring – and your loves digestive system.

Photo credit: L Elizabeth Events
Proposal Location: Breckenridge Ski Resort, Colorado

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Final Thoughts: Planning your Marriage Proposal

Here are my final thoughts on marriage proposals. Proposing to the person you love is a once in a lifetime experience. It’s something you’ll remember and tell stories about for years to come. Make sure it is well planned, well executed and heavily enjoyed by BOTH of you. Sometimes that means getting some expert help. We are here to help make the day everything you wished for and more…



We plan and photograph proposals and engagements that are authentic, distinct and full of joy. If you are looking for a proposal planner or photographer in Colorado, we would be delighted to help! We are mountain specialists but also help the urban/city lovers. We love and celebrate ALL couples. Get in touch and tell us all about your wedding plans… CONTACT US

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