My Sweet Boy

Even though I lost my dad quite a few years ago, he found a way to remind me a few weeks back that it is okay to ask for help when you need it. I know this in theory because I practice the act of helping others all the time (and love to serve them in that way) but I’m terrible at asking for help for myself. It was a good reminder!So here goes…On Monday I took my sweet boy Catcher to the emergency room with a fever of over 106. The doctors and nurses spent all night trying to get his temp down and trying to figure out what was happening to him. He was septic with an abscess on his liver that had burst. Yikes is right!

By the next morning the doctor told me he needed a very expensive surgery and that his chances were 50/50, at best, even with the surgery. I was devastated at the idea of losing my silly, goofy, lovable little boy.

Well, he made it through the surgery and has been doing better and better every day. For this I am so thankful to God. Unfortunately, he is still at the hospital and the bill is mounting to EPIC proportions. We have to come up with $5,000 by Saturday to pay for the final 50% of the bill. Remember I did say EPIC bill. And we need your help! We would LOVE it if you could donate $20 (or more or less) to help pay for Catcher’s medical bills. Rest assured, we will be eternally grateful and if you stop by for a visit, Catcher will be sure to shower you with stinky wonderful dog kisses!

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